Votive Candle Holders Set of 15 - Silver

  • VOTIVE CANDLE HOLDERS - The GranRosi votive candle holders (set of 15) are made to color your home, wedding, bridal showers, birthdays, engagement parties etc., in a welcoming, warm light to make sure that whoever is visiting, will feel comfortable
  • SILVER VOTIVE CANDLE HOLDERS - Thanks to the speckled silver pattern of the mercury tealight holders, they create a magical glow as well as a romantic atmosphere - whether you're lighting up a candle (tea lights) or the LEDs inside
  • MERCURY GLASS VOTIVES - Always in style - Next time you have someone over, place the gorgeous tea light holders on any table setting - modern & traditional - and impress them with the new silver glow spreading through your home; a timeless choice
  • SILVER CANDLE HOLDERS - The GranRosi silver candle holders are made of long-lasting, lead-free mercury glass and are therefore the perfect (and affordable) choice to spread a heartfelt silver light through your life for a very long time
  • BULK VOTIVE CANDLE HOLDERS - Set of 15 Tealight candle holders: Each of the glass tealight holders has approx. 2.16” external diameter (top) and a height of 2.7”; Ideal dimensions for giving any room a decorative touch without appearing too bulky

Let your home or event decor shine in all its glory with the GranRosi silver votive candle holders!
The mercury glass candle holders set an eye-catching highlight on any table setting. Whether you want to decorate your home or plan an event decoration, you’ll never go wrong with these classy and elegant holders. Also: the tealight candle holders come in a set of 15, so you won’t run short on them when organizing a get-together of any kind!

Let the silver votives unfold their classic beauty at any occasion!
Include the silver votives as a centerpiece during any occasion (e.g. wedding or engagement party) to achieve a heartfelt atmosphere. You can also use the candles at home to create an oasis of warmth and romance, e. g. for a relaxing bath. The fine speckled silver pattern will magically light up the space and enhance the mood for you to enjoy some quality time with yourself or significant other (say hello to candlelight dinner!). Both, flameless LED-lights and tea lights, work beautifully with the mercury glass votives.

The GranRosi silver speckled candle holders are made of high-quality mercury glass, making them both durable as well as reusable. You can easily clean the glasses without fearing loss of the charming silver look. With measurements of 2.16” (top diameter) and 2.7” (height) the glass votive candle holder fits in seamlessly, without appearing bulky.

Added benefit: They might be called glass candle holders, but they are even more than that! Not only tea lights, but also other items such as wrapped candy can easily be stored in the glasses. Use your creativity and come up with something unique for a loved one or a special occasion.

Enhance your home or event decor with charm and add the GranRosi silver candle holder set to your cart now!

Please note: You’ll receive a set of 15 silver glass votive candle holders; tea lights are not included.