Scratch Off Map Of The World

  • SCRATCH OFF MAP OF THE WORLD - Bring memorable experiences right into your home! Reveal all countries you’ve already explored with the Workablez scratch off map and reminisce; The scratch map also shows all US states - how many did you visit so far?
  • SCRATCH OFF MAP - Get inspired by the 17x24 Scratch Map Poster and see how many places & country flags the vibrant watercolors embrace while the rest is still hidden by the gold foil layer; Time to plan a new adventure with the black world scratch map
  • SCRATCH MAP WORLD - The sturdy scratch world map makes a fascinating yet elegant wall decoration; Frame the scratch off world map poster and exchange exciting destination stories and future travel plans with your family and friends
  • WORLD MAP SCRATCH OFF - This is the kit every globetrotter dreams of! The scratch off map of the world comes with an accessories bag, eraser, colorful stickers & magnifying glass; The incl. scratch tool makes it extra easy to reveal your former destinations
  • WORLD SCRATCH MAP POSTER -The gift for travel enthusiast! Surprise your friend with this unique travel scratch map set incl. a chic gift box and share some special moments together while remembering past journeys & daydreaming about future adventures

The Workablez scratch-off map is the perfect way to bring a piece of the world into your living room! Immerse yourself in dreaming of your travel adventures or future journeys - and develop your storyteller passion!

Where has your travel bug taken you so far? Use the incl. scratch tool to embrace the beautiful watercolor, hidden behind the gold foil layer and reminisce about all your travel memories. The big world map poster (17x24) also outlines all US states, as well as the country flags of every nation.
Why don’t you frame the sturdy scratch off the world map to use it as an eye-catching wall decoration? The premium materials make sure that the world scratch off map will accompany you for a long life of travels.

The greatest pleasure lies in the anticipation:Share your travel stories with your friends & family and dream on about future destinations around the world. The scratch off world map always gives you a fascinating overview of all the countries that still await to be explored! Get inspired and turn the golden scratch off map step by step into a vibrant watercolor map.

Superior fun thanks to scratch map accessories: The world map poster comes in an amazing set. Use the colorful stickers, to customize your map according to your travel style. The kit also includes an accessories bag, an eraser, a scratch tool and magnifying glass.

Use the scratch off world travel map as an unique gift! The scratch map is a thoughtful gift, any travel enthusiast or daydreaming friend will get excited about. Explore the world together & scratch each country off one step at a time!

The Workablez scratch off world map is a must-have for any globetrotter - or for those who aspire to be one! Add it to your cart and bring on the travel bug!