Kiloxa Flexible 4" Office Desk Mirror

  • OFFICE DESK MIRROR - Stay 100% aware of your surroundings with the Kiloxa premium desk mirror; The safety mirror is adjustable by 360 degrees, thereby providing any required viewing angle; As a mirror for a pc, a viewing field of up to 20 ft is possible
  • MIRROR WITH CLIP - No more unfavorable surprises; The portable clip-on mirror can be used as an office or cubicle mirror for multipurpose surveillance on desktops, work benches or even in doorways to get a quick overview of your rear environment
  • CLIP ON MIRROR - The enlarged field of view of 4" (instead of the common 3.35"), real HD glass as well as the sleek and discreet design of the frameless black mirror make the Kiloxa office mirror perfect to see what is going on around you
  • CONVEX CUBICLE MIRROR - To avoid scratches on your monitor, the security mirror has extra thick foam on the robust clamp; The clip mirror is equipped with a high-quality metal stand, stem and joint for long durability; 100% reliable in the long run
  • CLIP ON CONVEX SECURITY MIRROR - Thanks to its handy clip-on design, the computer desk mirror is very simple to install - clip it on and adjust the angle; Its flexibility makes the mirror suitable for desks of up to 2", cabinets, cubicle, and pc monitors

The Kiloxa clip on convex mirror: Your premium surveillance assistance
Be in the loop and don’t get taken aback by sudden appearances in your rear surroundings! The Kiloxa office desk mirror is the perfect tool to have a full-on overview of your environment (‘Keep your friends close but your colleagues and co-workers closer’). The clever 360-degree design of the monitor mirror gives you the possibility of adjusting the angle to an individual perspective. This feature supports you in seeing people walk up behind you, e.g. when using headphones or focusing on work. Take full advantage of the personal convex security mirror in your office, cubicle, mounted on your desk (up to 2”), pc monitor, work benches, in doorways or other appliances.

Greater field of view and no distortion with the Kiloxa desk mirror
The Kiloxa computer monitor mirror is equipped with a superior sight field of 4”, instead of the usual 3.35”, as well as real HD glass, making it ideal for being aware of what comes up behind you. When mounting the mirror to a computer, a distance between your eyes and the mirror of approx. 20 inch gives you a field of view up to 22 feet - perfect for recognizing everything at first glance.

Functional design combined with high-quality materials
Provided with a functional clip-on, the office convex mirror is super-easy and fast to install. The simple design of the frameless black mirror integrates smoothly in any open office environment.
Thanks to an extra thick foam that covers the super strong clamp, your monitor is protected from any scratches. Premium quality in the form of a heavy duty metal stand, metal stem, and joint enhance the durability of the rearview mirror desk and make it the ultimate long-term choice.

Add the black Kiloxa cubicle mirror to your cart now and stay aware of your rear surroundings for safety and security purposes!