Kiloxa Convex Security Mirror

  • Full Overview wherever you need it: The 12 inch large Kiloxa convex mirror won't miss a blind spot. The round security mirror provides a crystal clear view and increases your safety as a parking assistance in your driveway or as a garage mirror
  • Universal usage: This high quality safety mirror is super easy to adjust and reflects wide angle images to you! Try it at confusing street corners, at your driveway, in your garage or your retail store for a great overview in every situation
  • Weather-resistant: Black, round and made of acrylic glass. This security mirror is weather resistant against frost, heat, high winds and sun light and can be used in every indoor and outdoor environment
  • Absolutely unbreakable: The mirror surface of this concave mirror with a curvature of 130 degrees is made of sturdy Acrylic PC material and withstands even hits and strikes of branches
  • Easy and fast installation: 12" diameter and 1.76 lbs light - the included wall mount helps to install this circular mirror within seconds. If you need to park tight against a wall and you don't want to damage your car, this is the mirror you need

Our Kiloxa security mirror is ideal for private and business usage and guarantees more safety + a great overview in case of dangerous blind spots! This mirror increases your safety – doesn´t matter if you use it indoor or outdoor. Use it as a garage mirror, parking assistance in parking areas or as a driveway mirror to watch the street at confusing corners. The convex mirror from Kiloxa helps to oversee blind spots in your house or shop as well. Observe the cash register or any other blind corner of your store to prevent robbery. Kiloxa´s convex mirror works perfect in your shop to oversee doors or in your factory building to control machines. In any case this acrylic glass mirror helps to prevent accidents and guarantees a great overview in every situation. You can rely on our curved traffic mirror in any weather condition. Due to his high-quality PC-materials it is safe to use even during cold frost, heat, strong winds, hail and solar radiation. Thanks to the unique mountain bracket and the hinge technology on the back of the mirror it can be individually adjusted to your favorite position – just as you like it. The 130-degree curvature and a diameter of 12 inches allow a perfect view in every angle. The mirror can be installed fast and easy on every wall or pole and it comes with the construction material included (4x heavy-duty dowels, wall mount bracket and appropriate fasteners /screws are included). Add the Kiloxa Convex Mirror to your cart now and never worry about blind spots again.