Running at night or kids going to school in the dark without a light is very dangerous. This LED Clip Light is an absolutely Eye Catcher + guarantees maximum visibility and minimizes the risk especially at night, dusk, dawn or rainy/foggy days. Your kids will never be overseen again in traffic.


The clip on battery powered LED light is very lightweight and super slim. You can choose between 1) slow flashlight 2) fast flashlight and 3) steady lightning mode. NEW: This ermergency light contains now 5 instead of 3 premium bright LED´s and will increase the attention of cars and bikes even more.


WITH: 1x LED CLIP LIGHT, 2x sets extra CR2032 batteries (1x reserve), 1x 14 inches long & stretchable Velcro strap and 1x mini-screwdriver for a hassle-free battery replacement process. We believe in our products. That’s why we back them all with an 12-month premium warranty + a 30 day money back guarantee.


Just Clip the light on to the included velcro straps, or attach it to your belt, pockets, backpack, helmet, running gear, reflective belt/vest, your dog’s leach, baby stroller or wheelchair easily. Stays on securely and is immediately usable. Great as tail light for bicycles, collar light for pets, not only keep your dog protected, but also make you identify them clearly from a long distance.


The 5 reliable LED´s are always shining bright. No matter if it´s raining or storming outside this cliplight is just a great addition to your outdoor and reflective gear. Powered by two very reliable batteries that will last up to 60 hours with replacement batteries. You´ll be recognized immediately and every time from far distance.


Reasons to Buy AccuBuddy LED Safety Lights


The number of unnecessary accidents in traffic is already big enough. Avoid an unnecessary accident in traffic just by wearing a simple and high visible LED Clip light from AccuBuddy.

You won’t even know you’re wearing them AND you´ll easily attract the attention of all road users early from far away to protect them and especially yourself.

Multifunctional Usage For Every Outdoor Activity at dawn, dusk, night, fog or rainy days:

• Walking
• Running
• Jogging
• Cycling
• Motorbiking
• Collar light for your pet

At AccuBuddy, we believe in our products and we know you’re going to love our Cliplight with 3 differnt light modes.
That’s why we back them all with an 12-month premium warranty + a 30 day money back guarantee.